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Dunsborough Leavers

The first days of the rest of your life!

Dunsborough Leavers

[ When ]Late November, after final exams

[ City ]Dunsborough

[ Good For ]School Leavers who love to party

[ Weather ]Beach weather

[ Crowd ]7000+

[ Cost ]$$

[ Sex Work ]

legal, but brothels are illegal

[ Sexy Score ]   

Leavers is a time honoured tradition in Australia. Getting away with your friends and celebrating finishing exams is a great way to mark the end of school. Dunsborough is one of the most popular places for Leavers to head to party and let their hair down. There are special events and parties organised specifically for Leavers so you don’t even have to worry about the hassle of planning anything once you’re down there!

Getting There

Driving is the most popular way to get down to Dunsborough, with the trip only taking around three hours. It’s a great way to start the trip, getting your friends together and ‘road tripping’ down south with the music pumping!

There are a few things to be wary of during this time though, including the increased number of cars on the road, driving tired and distracted drivers. Once you’ve arrived, there are Leavers shuttle buses to take people to and from popular events and places.
This means you and your friends can easily avoid drink driving.

Where to Stay

There’s a large number of campgrounds in the Dunsborough area that offer a number of types of accommodation, from camp sites  to chalets, for those who like a little more luxury. These are often the best options as they have communal areas, can sleep larger groups and are full of other Leavers, which makes making new friends easy! 

Renting holiday homes in the area is another option and can be cheap when split among a large group. Remember to book early though as places fill up ridiculously quick, so keep an eye out from as early as July. Bonds and down payments also get hiked up during this time so expect to pay quite a bit upfront, but keep in mind you’ll get it back at the end as long as you don’t trash the place!

Sexy Score

With the mood of celebration and freedom in the air, it’s likely things of a sexy nature will be on the agenda for some. Don't worry if it's not your thing yet cause there will be others in the same boat as you.

At the Festival

‘The Zone’, as it’s commonly known, is the most popular attraction of the official Leavers celebrations in Dunsborough. Open for the entire four nights of Leavers it offers Live Bands, DJ’s, Silent Disco, awesome rides, a pamper tent and even a  PlayStation area. With so much to offer for just about everyone it is the place to be when the sun sets. This area and it’s associated events are run by the State Government and so are strictly drug and alcohol free areas.

The Meelup beach party is the other major attraction during Leavers. Grab your bathers and prepare for a day at the beach filled with sun, sand, live DJ’s, a giant aqua playground and parties all day. There are so many amazing beaches along the Dunsborough coastline you’ll be spoiled for choice for where to go on your spares days. Get out and see the area!

Sex in other Cities Tipsheet

Before you go

  • Discuss your plans with family and friends
  • Work out your budget for Leavers – and try stick to it!
  • Check the terms and conditions/house rules in your accommodation contract (especially at Rottnest)
  • Provide your parents or guardian with your contact and accommodation details before departing

In WA it is illegal to

  • Have sex with anyone under the age of 16
  • Have sex with someone aged 16 to 18 years if you are in a position of authority
  • Record in any way (photos or video) any activity without consent
  • Have ANY sexual contact with a person without getting the person’s consent
  • If a person is tricked, threatened, drugged or intoxicated they can NOT give consent

Safer sex is

  • Where you don’t feel bad (physically or emotionally) afterwards
  • Where you do NOT get an STI
  • Where you do NOT have an unplanned pregnancy
  • Where you both say yes and negotiate what you are comfortable with

Things to think about BEFORE Leavers

  • Negotiation and consent
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Abstinence
  • STIs
  • Condoms
  • Contraception

(Call us if you wanna chat or ask a question 94820044)

Pace Yourself! It’s no fun spending the afternoon feeling ill because you went too hard too fast. Remember to drink some water as well to help space out your drinks. You’ll be thanking yourself the morning after as well!
Watch out for ‘Toolies’. These guys are one of the downsides of the Leavers celebrations. Anyone in the zone who is not an actual leaver, generally older guys/men, is classified as a ‘Toolie’. Keep your wits about you and if someone does approach you in an inappropriate way or you come across one let the police know.

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What could go wrong

Predators, ‘Toolies’
Sexual assault and/or harassment
Bullying, physical assaults
Road trauma
Water Safety
Drink Spiking
Injury and accident
Fines & possible criminal proceedings
Unplanned pregnancy or STIs
Remember that the Pill does NOT prevent STIs but, condoms protect you from most STIs (except genital warts, lice or herpes).

Where to get help

Being a considerably small town, Dunsborough has no specialised sexual health clinics. The closest one is in Mandurah, Peel Youth Medical Service located at Billy Dower Youth Centre on Dower Street. Their contact number is 9583 5435.

If you've got a general question about sexual health or maybe want to know of a clinic in Perth for when you come home, call us on 94820044 and we'll be happy to help.

Headspace in Bunbury offer services for young people in the areas of mental & sexual health as well as alcohol and other drugs. You can give them a call on 9729 6800 or call Rurallink on 1800 552 002 for after hours.

Good news people! Quarry is offering free membership for leavers between now and the end of the year! Save yourself a little money and contact them today!

Quarry Sexual Health Centre for young people

Want to know more?

Sex on holiday happens.

Whether planned or not, away from home we lose at least some of our inhibitions
and may take more risks than we would at home. 

This is ok, it’s what makes travelling so exciting.
Accepting this before we go is the first step to planning.

To help you get home with no more than a bruised bank account
and awesome memories, here are some useful tips:

  • Carry condoms. Pack condoms before you leave home. Condoms aren’t always readily available or good quality so grab some before you leave and carry a supply in your handbag or wallet. Holidays and a sense of freedom doesn’t make you less susceptible to STIs so take care every time you have sex.
  • Have an STI test before you go and after you get back. Click here for testing locations.
  • Sex workers in other countries are not always in a safe environment or hold the same standards of safer sex and STI testing as they do in Australia. Use condoms and insist on using them.
  • Holidays can encourage us to try drugs and drink more alcohol than we might at home. Your body is still your body, regardless of where you are – know your limits and keep to them. Drugs and alcohol can impair our ability to keep our wits about us and recognise dangers – in a foreign place this becomes even more important. 

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  • Comment Link anonymous Tuesday, 02 December 2014 03:18 posted by anonymous

    at the time, leavers was the best week of my life! a couple of years down the road and that has changed, but still had a great time... extremely overpriced accommodation, hiding vodka in plastic bags, getting sunstroke waiting in line for a wristband and those "raves"... whats not to love!