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Burning Man Festival

Orgy domes, sex workshops, and dust

Burning Man

[ When ]Late August to early September

[ City ]Black Rock Desert, 4 hours out of Reno, Nevada

[ Good For ]The free spirited, body confident revellers looking for an other wordly experience.

[ Weather ]Desert Summer - very hot daytimes, cold nights, dry, and possible sandstorms

[ Crowd ]65,000+

[ Cost ]$$$

[ Sex Work ]

While legal in eight counties inside of Nevada, sex work is not legal at Burning Man.

[ Sexy Score ]     

Burning Man is a week-long annual event starting on the last Monday of August. People gather together on an ancient lake bed called 'the Playa' and build an entirely functional metropolis; Big Rock City. This city is built on radical self-reliance and self-expression. It becomes a place where communal effort is at the core and where gifting without expectation is celebrated. People will set up stalls for others to come and receive a complimentary service, like food or drink. There are also various theme camps that you can register to be a part of. Each year a large wooden effigy is built for a ritual burning. Public nudity is quite common here as clothing is optional. You might also see the occasional sexual act happening out in the open. This free sex vibe is a throwback to the swinging 60's. Think Woodstock without the big name bands. And the coolest part? The whole city is packed up after the party without a trace - the celebration with a conscious.

Getting There

Many people drive along a two-lane highway to Big Rock City. If you want to avoid traffic there are shuttle bus services from San Francisco and Reno. There is also the option of flying to Reno. Car pooling at the very least is a good way to decrease the level of traffic on the roads, you can find some new friends to carpool with ar Burning Man's Rideshare forum.

Where to Stay

When you first arrive, there won’t be anywhere to stay. The idea is to build your own dwelling place. That means it’s important to pack the right kind of materials and tools that you are able to live and sleep comfortably. This is all part of the unique burning man experience, so find your inner Robinson Crusoe and get building!

Sexy Score

Hooking up is not the main agenda of this event, but when nudity is involved, it’s probably safe to say that things are likely to get a tad kinky. Especially as a major theme of this event is self-expression and exploration. When attending any events with sexual themes you are more than likely only going to be admitted if you have a partner or more with you. It's free love baby!

At the Festival

Bring an open mind and prepare to have it blown. Burning Man is constantly awake and thriving. As long as you explore you are sure to never be bored. Being at Burning Man means leaving the default world behind and experiencing a new type of reality. Countless art instillations await you throughout Big Rock City and the Deep Playa. If you want to explore the more wild and dangerous side of yourself make sure to visit the Thunderdome inspired the Mad Max series. In the early morning ours when everything slows down you can take workshops on oral sex, laughter yoga, gong meditation or listen to talks from renowned scientists and thinkers. The biggest event of Burning Man is 'The Burn' when the giant effigy of a wooden man is caught a flame and parties ensue all night long.

Sex in other Cities Tipsheet
  • There are many things you’ve got to remember to pack:
  • Your own cup
  • 1.5 gallons of water per person, per day. You will need it for just about everything.
  • Adequate food
  • Warm clothing
  • Camp tent
  • Dust mask and goggles
  • Something to share with the community
  • Recycling bags and cleaning tools like a rake for clean up
  • Torches and batteries
  • Umbrella for sun protection
  • LED nights to clip to clothing at night
  • Radio for BMIR radio station to keep up to date

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What could go wrong

The city is built in the space of one week that means that it won’t have the resources or services that a normal city might have. While there are medical centers equipped to do minor care at Burning Man to avoid risking your health, be sure to take all required medication to keep yourself healthy and a fairly extensive first aid kit. Keep in mind that while Burning Man might seem like another world, Federal and State laws still hold. It is also clever to be prepared for dust storms as they can blow into town quickly and cause 'white outs' which keep you from being able to see more than five feet in front of you. The risk of catching an STI is quite high; we recommend getting tested before and after your trip, and always using protection. 

Where to get help

All participants are required to bring their own first aid equipment. If something is more serious, look for the blue neon cross signs, there you will find emergency services. If they are unable to treat you on site, there is the option of being transported to the hospital in Reno. It is recommended to familiarise yourself with the closest emergency service, just in case.



Want to know more?

Sex on holiday happens.

Whether planned or not, away from home we lose at least some of our inhibitions
and may take more risks than we would at home. 

This is ok, it’s what makes travelling so exciting.
Accepting this before we go is the first step to planning.

To help you get home with no more than a bruised bank account
and awesome memories, here are some useful tips:

  • Carry condoms. Pack condoms before you leave home. Condoms aren’t always readily available or good quality so grab some before you leave and carry a supply in your handbag or wallet. Holidays and a sense of freedom doesn’t make you less susceptible to STIs so take care every time you have sex.
  • Have an STI test before you go and after you get back. Click here for testing locations.
  • Sex workers in other countries are not always in a safe environment or hold the same standards of safer sex and STI testing as they do in Australia. Use condoms and insist on using them.
  • Holidays can encourage us to try drugs and drink more alcohol than we might at home. Your body is still your body, regardless of where you are – know your limits and keep to them. Drugs and alcohol can impair our ability to keep our wits about us and recognise dangers – in a foreign place this becomes even more important. 

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    do people actually go there naked? wow.. wish i could go

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